4 Reasons a Belize Vacation Is Perfect for Extroverts

26/08/15 4:39 PM


If you’re a fan of getting to know people and spending your time with other people, Belize is the perfect destination for you. The ability to completely customize your trip to fit your needs is what really makes a Belize vacation special. If you are the kind of person that draws their energy from being around others, you will not be disappointed when you plan a Belize vacation. Here’s why:

  1. Plenty of opportunities to meet new people – Meeting new people on vacation isn’t difficult. If you want to find a place that lets you meet lots of new people that are almost guaranteed to be universally awesome, Belize is the place for you. The country seems to attract the best of the best to its borders. It’s why there are so many people of so many different nationalities that call this country home and why it is steadily growing in popularity amongst travelers.
  1. Group tours and activities, even if you’re flying solo – You might not be traveling alone and want to book a tour just for yourself, but if you are traveling along and want to take tours with other people, you’ll find that Belize offers plenty of opportunities to join a tour, learn about the country, and get to know your fellow travelers at the same time.
  1. Accommodations that make getting to now others easy – While beachfront villas might not be the standard way to stay when visiting a foreign country, it is definitely one of the best ways to experience Belize. Staying in one of these villas also makes it possible to bring all of your new friends back to your room, without having to worry about not having enough space or bothering your neighbors in the next room. Why not host a party? You’ve got the space!
  1. Belizeans are extroverts – Not every person from Belize is an extrovert, but many of them are. Because tourism is still a new industry in this country, they are far less likely to be annoyed by having to answer questions about the best place to get breakfast or the fastest way to get to an attraction. In fact, you will probably find that most people are ready and waiting to help a foreigner find where he needs to go or to point him in the direction of the best neighborhood café.