5 Great Day Trips in Belize

10/09/15 9:00 AM


Whether your cruise ship is only docked in Belize for a day or you have a few days of your vacation that you haven’t yet planned, day trips can be a great way to pack more fun activities into your Belize vacation. Here are just five of the best day trips you can take part in:

  1. Take a flight over the Blue Hole. The Blue Hole is massive sinkhole off the coast of Belize. It is believed to be the largest in the world and whether or not the ecology interests you, the rich blue color and the stunning sight when you fly over it certainly will. While there are a number of airborne tours you could join, a helicopter is probably the best way to see this feat of nature.
  1. Zip through the jungle on a record-breaking zip line. While not the longest zip line in the world, the line through Mayflower Bocawina is the longest in the region. It will zip you through over a mile of jungle, with short trips to get you used to traveling on a line, and then longer, faster zips. Watch for waterfalls, howler monkeys, and parrots as you sail through the treetops.
  1. See how the Mennonites live. Despite having the one of the lowest populations in Central America (and Northern America), Belize has a huge variety of people that live within its borders, including a dedicated Mennonite community, where natural cheese, yogurt, and ice cream are made by the pound. With more than two thousand residents, this is a great opportunity to see how these people live.
  1. Take a tour through the caves. One of the best day trips in Belize is through their network of beautiful caves. While you can spelunk by foot, if you really want to try something special, you should try inner-tubing along the stream that flows through part of the cave’s network. With flashlight in hand, you’ll be able to see the awesome natural formations, from the comfort of your own tube. 
  1. Climb to the Mayan ruins of your choice. There are far too many Mayan ruins to visit in just a day, if you only have a short stopover or just a single day of your trip free, but you should still make the effort to include a visit to one of these great ruin sites.