5 Places to Check Out on Your Next Belize Vacation

17/09/15 9:00 AM


When you visit Belize and stay with Indigo, you are in the heart of some of Belize’s most beautiful country. Ambergris Caye truly is one of the most stunning places in the world. That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t just stay in the resort and not explore any of the amazing places this country has to offer. If you are planning your first or your hundredth Belize vacation, here are some of the sights you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary – A wildlife sanctuary might not be at the top of your list for Belize, but this one definitely should be. Not only will you have the chance to see hundreds of beautiful, unique animals that live in this sanctuary, you’ll also see some of the country’s most stunning vistas. This sanctuary specifically is home to more than sixty jaguars, and while sighting one is very rare, spotting plants, birds, and even monkeys is extremely common.
  1. Caracol – Caracol is one of the best Mayan ruin sites in the country—and that’s saying something, considering how many beautiful Mayan ruins this country houses. Though there is a bit of a hike to this spot, on a lovely day, you really won’t find a better adventure and the view from the top, both of the amazing ancient architecture and the surrounding rainforest, will truly take your breath away. 
  1. The Barrier Reef – There are places in the world where reefs are so heavily guarded that it is impossible to enjoy the wildlife that call these underwater meccas home. While still carefully protected, Belize’s chunk of the barrier reef is open for visitors, who will love the huge variety of sea life that live here. It truly is a unique sight. 
  1. The Blue Hole – You have probably already heard about Belize’s Blue Hole, but in case you haven’t, it is the largest underwater sinkhole in the world. This makes seeing something like the Blue Hole only possible when you visit Belize.
  1. An uninhabited island – With a wide variety to choose from, picking an island in Belize’s waters to visit won’t be a trial. There’s nothing better than packing a lunch, taking some drinks, and marooning yourself on your own island for a day. You’ll have the sand and the surf all to yourself, and then you can return to civilization at night!