New Activities to Try During Your Belize Vacation

21/09/15 9:00 AM


Belize is a great time to let your hair down and try something different. With so many different activities to do while in this country, it can be difficult to narrow down your list of choices to just a few. If you want to have a real adventure during your Belize vacation, here are some new activities that you should definitely try while visiting this country:

  1. Hiking – Hiking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It can be hot and tiring, and not everyone likes to be out in the wilderness, especially when the goal is to just walk through it and not to actually get somewhere. Even if you don’t love hiking, hiking in Belize is a completely different experience. First, Belize has mild temperatures nearly the whole year, second, when hiking through the jungle, you always have plenty of shade, and three, there are lots of different fantastic destinations, like Mayan ruins and caves that make hiking worthwhile.
  1. Zip lining – Like hiking, zip lining can be scary and sometimes stressful. What makes zip lining in Belize different is the ability to customize your zip lining experience so that it meets your needs. Frankly, there is no better way to see Belize’s jungle than on a zip line and because you can see it both on very short and relatively slow lines and on long, faster lines, there really is no excuse not to try it out. 
  1. Scuba diving – If you want to learn how to scuba dive, Belize is the perfect time and place to learn. This country has some of the best scuba diving spots in the world—places that divers from all over the world come to see—and some of the best instructors in the world. Because most people in Belize speak Spanish, English, and Creole, you won’t have any trouble finding someone to teach you this fun sport, in your own language.
  1. Meet some wildlife – Besides the underwater nature preserves that make for great snorkeling and diving, there are plenty of above-ground nature preserves that allow you to get up close and personal with all sorts of different animals. One of the most famous is the iguana hotel, where you can meet and learn about iguanas in the natural habitat.